3 Reasons to Ensure Your Website is Mobile Responsive

3 Reasons to Ensure Your Website is Mobile Responsive

Impermanence! Absolutely nothing ever stays the same, we have all learned that through our own experience, we see that all things move on, evolve and eventually even become obsolete. This is true today more than any other time in history, technology moves on at such a pace that the new website we built just two years ago is now once more in need of a complete overhaul.

Since the advent of Mobile Phone and Tablet Browsing in the late noughties, these devices have radically changed the face of how people use the internet, and all the evidence and research now show us that more people are using their mobile devices to search and buy online than use desktops. Read on to discover 3 Reasons to Ensure Your Website is Mobile Responsive.

If it has been a few years since you last looked at updating your website then you can be sure that it is not optimised to perform on Mobile Devices and Tablets, to use googles term it is not Mobile Friendly.. and that is a bad thing.

1. Aesthetics – Always Do Your Best to look Your Best

Our clients and customers, wether current or prospective respect us more when they see that we care enough about our business to ensure that it looks its best in every way it can. When we meet them in person or when they come to our premises we do our best to look our best, so this is something we should also carry into our online presence.

If someone reaches our website on their mobile device and they see it is not responsive to that device, the first thing they will derive from this is that our website is old and not kept updated. Like coming upon an old shop with dust on its doors and old faded cornflakes boxes in its windows, the immediate response that is triggered is to question if this site even represents an existing business, or if the owners have already ceased trading.

By upgrading your website to mobile responsive you send out the message that your business is alive and vibrant, that it is modern and is responding not only to the device it is being viewed on but also to the constantly advancing technological times we live in. Its like giving that shop front a contemporary make over.

2. Function – Be Big To Be Seen

Having a non-responsive website means that your content does not scale to match the device that it is being viewed on, the result being that the text is tiny and eligible, as are the images and any other content that you have there. Now people can zoom in and out  but this is time consuming and laborious and results have shown that people immediately “bounce” (leave your website) and go to the next link on the search engine list, meaning they are going to your competitors site instead of yours. To engage and keep your audience your site needs to be responsive, otherwise you are loosing business.

3. SEO – Get Responsive or Get Lost

Its quiet simple as of 2015 Google have begun to rank websites that are Mobile Responsive higher in their listing than those that are not, eventually this will even lead to non responsive websites not being listed at all. If you really care about using your website to its full potential for promoting your business then you really do need to take this point very seriously, if you’re not mobile responsive then you’re not going to be seen. In a previous Article I wrote back in 2016 I go into more detail about this topic, to learn more on the subject give it a read.