5 Reasons Why Your Website Might Be Costing You Business Instead of Generating It

5 Reasons Why Your Website Might Be Costing You Business Instead of Generating It

5 Reasons Why Your Website Might Be Costing You Business Instead of Generating It the idea that simply having a website is enough in order to capture and retain your clients is one which has been resigned to the trashcan of history a long time ago. The internet (or world Wide Web if you prefer) has come a long way since those Hedy Days of the late 90’s early 2000s when simply having a website was enough to woo and impress your family and friends.. oh yes and those prospective clients too.

We live in a much changed world where the marketing and algorithm folks have pushed us mere design artists off the creative perch. There are a ton more things to consider now when building and maintaining your website. Below I have listed 5 Reasons Why Your Website Might Be Costing You Business Instead of Generating It.. so lets dive in…

5 Reasons Why Your Website Might Be Costing You Business Instead of Generating It

No “About” Information

You really need to invest time in letting your audience know who you are and what you do, take time to write important keyword driven content, that is informative and useful to your end user. This especially applies if your business name does not immediately state what you do, so if youre a Sofa company called funky fish, don’t be surprised if people come looking to your website for tropical aquarium dwellers.

Standalone Domain Name

Its all very well to cut corners and build a on the cheap website on many of the platforms out there that advertise that you can build your site for just $1. But the old adage is true, if something is free or for cheap then its you who are the product. Building on other companies domains brings them the necessary traffic and SEO, it benefits their business more than yours. So always look to build on your own domain name with your own hosting.

Poor or No Privacy Policy

Apart from anything else, due to GDPR a poor (or even worse) no Privacy Policy can land you in a lot of hot water with the data protection commissioner. Your Privacy Policy also lets your viewers know that you respect and wish to protect their privacy.

Unprofessional Design

DIY is great but it just doesn’t cut the mustard. If a site is poorly designed and/or configured it will only paint your business in a negative light, looking amateurish is never a good look when trying to attract prospective clients. Outside of that security is another massive issue with most DIY  websites as without know what you are doing you can leave your site open to cyber attack. Always have your site designed by a pro who knows what they are doing.

Poorly Maintained

A bit like the point above if you are not keeping your website up to date it makes it look old and tired, as with all things your clients will be impressed with your attention to detail when it comes to updating your website. I have written a blog Post here on Three Reasons To Redesign Your Website At Least Every Two Years to give you some more information on this one.


If you want to present your business in its best light at all times, do not neglect your online presence. Be sure to make sure your website is professionally built and maintained in order to help you stand your ground in todays super competitive world.

Talk to me today about ways to improve your online presence, I can help you get and keep your website functioning to benefit and not harm your business. View what my clients have said about me and my work here.


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