Dayparting: Giving Search The Time of Day

Dayparting Give your business the time of day.
Its seems almost every day we are introduced to yet another new marketing keyword or phrase, one such being Dayparting. You know the kind of thing, the new (very most important) thing that your business should not only know about, but be expertly implementing immediately. If you’re a small business owner like me it is so very difficult to keep up, to plough through all the information out there, filtering it, understanding it and applying it to your business model. Ill be honest a lot of the time I make decisions on these kinds of things very quickly, I simply just don’t have the time (who has) to try to understand them all.
There are of course some of these ideas that not only sound quirky and hip, but that also have a good deal of sense about them. One that recently caught my eye through its simplicity is Dayparting. Its no longer just about seasonal, weekly or monthly trends, now the time of day is important too.
Dayparting is the practice of dividing your marketing day up into small sections, so that you are sniper targeting, rather than shotgunning, your key audience. This has risen in importance in recent times through the increased prevalence of mobile internet searching. Through Dayparting you can now target your online advertising based on which device gets used most at a particular time of day, thus ensuring you are getting the very most out of your online marketing budget.
These days the good people over at Google tend to know a lot about these kind of things, unlike us small business owners they have the massive budgets required to do the necessary research, and development. Dayparting is a Google adwords initiative, formed out of this research, and in THIS ARTICLE they give a much more detailed, yet lay person accessible, insight into what it all means for you and your business.

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