Top Five Secrets to Look Better Online

Top Five Tips to looking Better Online

Having a website is essential for every business that wants to succeed and this is even more true and much more important for small to medium size enterprises (SME’s). Read on to discover my Top Five Secrets to Look Better Online.

In an ever increasingly competitive environment your website is your best chance to reach the same audience as your bigger sized competitors, your chance to level the playing field, that is why it is so important that you look your best online.
Using poor quality images, building without a clear plan or structure, and having a site that s not responsive to the device it is being viewed on, are just some of the ways your website is letting you down.

I really cannot over state the importance of this, so many small to medium size enterprises complete undervalue this very simple step. Taking your own photographs with you mobile phone may seem like the cheapest option but this is truly a false economy, as poor quality images will let you down every time. Your customers want to know you can deliver top quality products and services, if what you show them on your website does not match this expectation then they will for sure go elsewhere.

There are some great FREE stock Image websites out there where you can source fantastic high quality images to use on your website, one of favourites is check them out they really have some brilliant photographs on there.

2. Before Building Your Site Structure (Sitemap)

If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

You wouldn’t set out to build your house, office building or factory with our first having a clearly defined plan of its structure, so why would you do so with your website. It really is so important to sit down and work out how your page structure will be before you start building your website, ensuring that you don’t have too many pages in the main navigation. Using sub navigation items is a great way to keep your site well organised and structured, and working on your website can even give you a better insight on how your business works.

3. Set Brand Guidelines and Stick to Them

No matter the size of your business, it will only gain traction and begin to grow if it has a clear original brand that people can easily identify. Having a good logo doesn’t mean having a complicated logo, it simply means having a brand that is representative of what you do, and that clearly differentiates you from your competitors.

Translating that brand into an online format that is consistant not only on your website but through all other online marketing material, is key to the success of your website.

4. Be Device Responsive – Everything is Now Mobile

We are now living in what Google have termed the “Mobile First” world. We have passed the event horizon, where once people used laptops and desktops they now mostly use their mobile phones and tablets. Many sites that were built pre 2014 were not built to respond to these devices and as such they are being down graded in Googles listings. I have written an article on this where you can find out more information.

5. Don’t Self Build.. Use a Professional

As with point one above I cannot overstate the importance of this point.. Ok so obviously I have a bias in this as I am a professional web designer, but really, even if you don’t use my services I urge you to enlist the services of a qualified designer. Self builds are all fine and well, but they rarely if ever live up to the standards required to rank high in search engine listings.