I’m Free to Use and Share

Free to Use and Share

I am old school, I started building websites back in the relatively early days at the turn of the millennium, in the days when everything was a lot looser and more free (anyone remember flash animation?). In those days you could do a lot more with regards design, layout and content. Yes, search engines were around and they were very necessary to your site being found, but they obviously were not as technically complex with regards to algorithm functionality. Free to Use and Share was as important then as it is now.

Times have changed, in the good old days there were only millions of websites and online users. In the days, before the advent of social media sites such as facebook, twitter, and linkedIn, the amount of content on the www was a lot less, images were fewer and of much lower resolution, and intellectual property was more easily monitored and enforced.

In this day and age it is almost impossible to imagine how many trillions of pieces of information are circulating around the internet, and because of this it is so much more difficult to monitor the content we put out there into this giant pool.

A recent article on the Dunlin Inquirer website highlighted a prime example of this with regard to publishing unoriginal news items, and the damage this can cause to legitimate independent news sites.

But this phenomena is not just restricted to news and current affairs. With so many images and content on the web being so freely available, and with so much of our personal intellectual property being given away for free to social media sites, it is not uncommon for this information to find its way on to other peoples pages, profiles and websites.

If you are in doubt as to whether or not an image you like can be used for your purposes, “Google offers an Advanced Search option that helps you filter their Google images to only reveal those Google images that are Free License, royalty free, or open to the public for use in any way.” – This article on the webtegrity.com website gives a more in-depth over view of this.

Ultimately the question of intellectual property, rights and responsibilities is a much bigger one that can have far reaching legal ramifications, and that won’t be answered by this blog post. The general rule of thumb before using other peoples content is to check to make sure it is Free to Use and Share, and where necessary credit the source of any content you use.

At create108.com, for our clients benefit, we always do our utmost only to ever use original content supplied by them. Where other content is required we source it by legitimate means and where premium content is required we purchase this through reputable websites.

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