Why the future is in your hands – Mobile First

Why the future is in your hands - Mobile First

Good Business – Why the future is in your hands – Mobile First

In case you hadn’t noticed the whole world has changed in the last eight years or so… (I know its changing all the time) The particular change I mean, is what google are now calling the #mobilefirst world. At their google Summit on May 24th 2016 one of their key speakers put it this way,

“The shift to mobile is not something that will happen, or is happening, it has happened.”

In other words, we are in a new world order when it comes to building our online presence, its no longer about thinking it might happen, or going through the transition, the transition has happened and now everything we do online needs to be optimised for our “on the go” audience.

Google say the figures are there now to back this up, with the majority of google searches are now made on mobile devices, as clearly shown in this article. Its quite simple, if your website is not mobile friendly then the ability for people to find you and buy from you is greatly reduced.

Let us use the example of a Gardening Store.

Imagine you’re out for a drive on a beautiful day and inspired by the beauty of your surroundings, you wish to buy some new plants for your back garden. In the past you might pull over and ask someone where the nearest store is, or you might drive blindly from town to town searching in the hope of finding an open store. But not in the new mobile first world, in the mobile first world the first thing we do is use our mobile, simple huh? And here we have it, the world at our finger tips, the sites with the best online presence will prevail. Stores that have a mobile responsive website, that are tagged in google maps, that have reviews added to their google plus account, as well as interlinked with all their other social networks, these are the businesses which will get to us first, and these are the businesses we all want to be.

If you have had your head in the sand over the last few years about the importance of having a mobile responsive website, well now is the time to well and truly take it out, because people are no longer looking down at the ground, their looking down at their mobiles. Its time to get mobile responsive, and fast.